Our goal? Make a fuss

PuzzFuzz is an online platform to read fictions and their connected creations - chronicles, boards, illustrations, or write new ones yourself, illustrate them or have them illustrated, and join a new imaginary, creative entertainment network.

In old English, PuzzFuzz means:
" the intriguing volutes of dust released when moving old furniture in an attic..."

How does it work?

Each fiction is composed of chronicles that appear regularly.
Authors are invited to create characters that can interact with readers and site visitors, enriching their fiction and other fictions!
Each fiction can be adorned with magnificent illustrations, then declined into products.

A simple platform

Pre-programmed layouts allow the visual style of chronicles to be adjusted by adding illustrations, so authors can focus on creating.

Responsive design

PuzzFuzz content is responsive to Smartphones, tablets and PCs for optimal visual comfort.

The story of PuzzFuzz

From 1995, and for more than 20 years, the Daily City Le Canard, a family weekly, covered the escapades of a crazy editorial staff. Nearly 400 publications have dealt with his daily life, his legal disputes, evolution, and of course the inventions and spatial adventures of the characters. They are gathered in PuzzFuzz under the fiction Daily City Le Canard

Long live hyperchronics

Whatever the chronicle, you can interact with its characters, follow and influence the evolution of their lives and their stories in real time, immersed in fantastic universes

More than 20 years of ideas

Our goal has always been to support the world of reading and writing, to cultivate creativity and imagination to make the world more beautiful and lighter.

About the first Canard

The first element of PuzzFuzz dates back to May 2, 1995, the first board of the Daily City le Canard.

About the typewriter

The first 10 copies were laid out using a Paillard-Bolex Hermès Baby typewriter from the 1950s. This model was sold like hotcakes between 1935 and 1989.
Ernest Hemingway loved it!

All events, people and companies depicted in PuzzFuzz or PuzzFuzz Le Canard Daily City are fictional.
Any similarities with people alive or other authorities are purely coincidental and not intended.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, all content of the fictions, characters, situations and stories depicted on PuzzFuzz, including but not limited to edits, changes and additions are protected by copyright of their respective authors. All rights reserved. PuzzFuzz © 1995-2022
All drawings, pictures and texts are from the author - all rights reserved, no reproduction allowed
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